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Improve information accessibility, increase profits, and save on fulfillment costs with an Intranet or Extranet for your company.
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  Many businesses can save money or increase revenue
Both intranets and extranets can be powerful business tools. Companies which have an internal focus - on staff and sharing resources over a LAN or VPN may be prime candidates for a company intranet system.

Computer eCommerce can set up your company's intranet. An intranet can provide your employees access to the latest news about your company, and provide instant easy access for all employees and staff members.

Distribute your company's intellectual prowess and bring along your weakest staff members. The weakest link of a chain dictates its strength. Uniformly strong capability amongst all business team members - not just a few, can make the difference between an economic success and a failure. Using workspace software, raise level of capability to all members of the team - not just a select, talented few.

Intranets can reduce supervision costs, consolidate Web sites, and also save expenses for printing, fax machines, copiers and servers.

  The extension of a company's intranet out onto the Internet, e.g. to allow selected customers, suppliers and mobile workers to access the company's private data and applications via the World-Wide Web.

There are generally two types of Extranets, one that goes down the chain (B2C), and one that goes up (B2B).

1) Customer Service Portals for your clients, or customer companies (B2C)
2) Trading partner or supply chain portals (B2B)

Computer eCommerce can create and install a specially engineered company extranet to lower your costs, and increase your companies profitability.

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